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About Us

Chapman Dental is a small customer service oriented dental office located in Five Forks, on the East side of Greenville.  We are open Monday thru Friday, from 10AM – 6:30 PM daily.  Keep reading…you may really want to make us your family’s dental office.

The Origin of Chapman Dental

Chapman Dental P.A. (Professional Association) was established in 2012 by Dr. Alex Chapman. It was his dream to own his own dental office where he could provide patients with THE BEST dental care, focusing on his patient’s needs. We provide appointments after 5pm, are open on Fridays, and truly care 100% about our patients. Unlike most practices, Chapman Dental does not focus on moving as many patients in and out the door as possible for profitability. We take our time and do things the right way. We don’t cut corners. If you have questions about dentistry (or driving cars on race tracks, one of Dr. Chapman’s hobbies), he will have time to sit and answer them for you. If you are a patient at Chapman Dental, Dr. Chapman will gladly come to the office over the weekend or at night if you need him. Try and find another dentist in Greenville who will not hesitate to speak with you on the phone or in person any time you need him.

About our Dentist

Dr. Alex Chapman

Dr. Alex Chapman is a native of Spartanburg SC. He attended Spartanburg Methodist College, then moved to Charleston SC to attend the College of Charleston. He then attended the Medical University of South Carolina for dental school. He is a road course driving instructor, in short, he teaches people how to drive on race tracks. He is a BMW owner and maintains his track / street car himself. Sometimes in between patients, he may be found playing on his drumset…which may or may not be at the office.  Dr. Chapman believes strongly in doing the best dentistry that can be done for his patients. He uses the latest in technology, and will offer every option to fix your teeth, not only the ones that are convenient for him.  He does not rush through procedures, is very gentle and patient.

Meet our Friendly Staff,

Amy Eich is Dr. Chapman’s Hygienist.  She has over 20 years experience as a hygienist.  When she is not traveling with her 2 daughters watching them play volleyball, Amy loves being at the beach and traveling to new tropical places.  She also loves offshore fishing.  Amy says that she is still waiting for that Monster fish to mount on her wall at home.

Angela Hawthorne is Dr. Chapman’s assistant and right hand girl.  Born and raised in Greenville, she loves IHOP for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!  Don’t ask her what she thinks about the Awful Waffle.  Michael Jackson is her favorite recording artist, and “Off the Wall” is her favorite album.

Samantha Katchick from Mauldin SC is our front desk girl. She handles scheduling, and keeps our patients in the waiting room company when Dr. Chapman is busy. She is also our DJ and controls the playlist on our sound system.  If you persuade her she may tell you embarrassing stories about Dr. Chapman, all NONE of which are true. (edited by AC)  Ask her if she likes sushi…

Dental Insurance

At Chapman Dental, we cater to patients without dental insurance. If you do not have dental insurance, please come see us, as you will find nowhere in Greenville that will work harder for you and your needs.

For patients who already have dental insurance, Chapman Dental does as a courtesy file your insurance claims for you. Remember, the dentist is your advocate, and no dental office will stand up for you to your insurance company as fiercely as Chapman Dental will. Do not let your insurance company make choices for your dental care. Make those choices yourself, and let our office help empower you to do it.

If you are going to an in network office and you lose your job, or for some reason your insurance lapses, you are out of luck. At our office, your dental care is not hinged around your insurance, so we are able to take care of you regardless.

Bottom line, please give us a chance to be your dental office. Few people who become our patients ever seek another office. It never hurts to come try us out!

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What People Think of Chapman Dental

I have had very bad experiences in my past with dentists. Alex Chapman and Ann were very professional but friendly and they would tell me what they were doing at every step. No pain, comparable prices, and a caring and thoughtful staff. What more could you ask for.
I highly recommend Chapman Dental to everyone.

Going to the dentist has never been something I have looked forward to. This is not because I am afraid of physically being at a dental office but rather a fear of the quality of work. My main concern is the work not being done right and having to go back for a repeat procedure costing more money and causing more discomfort. Because I wanted my dental work done right the first time I decided to take the three hour drive from where I live in Atlanta to see Dr. Chapman at Chapman Dental. My experience at Chapman Dental was none other than spectacular! Both Dr. Chapman and his very nice hygienist Ann were a pleasure to be around. They were both extremely courteous and professional. Ann took extra time to give me tips on how I can take better care of my teeth while Dr. Chapman thoroughly explained what procedures he had to perform and why. You can really tell he car es about his patients and certainly knows his stuff- and not just about teeth… cars too! I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Chapman to all of my family and friends!

Over the years I have lived a lot of places, so I have experienced many very good dentists. I place Dr. Alex Chapman at the top of the list! I have personally experienced his core desire to provide dental care thoroughly, conservatively, and affordably, with the patient’s benefit as his “bottom line.”

In his care for me, he has demonstrated a knowledge of dentistry and the ability to apply that knowledge that seem far beyond his years of practicing dentistry. He has earned my confidence.

Ann Stewart is a superb hygienist/assistant. (I actually followed her to Dr. Chapman’s practice!) Together, she and Dr. Chapman provide a rare combination of warm, personal care and the highest degree of professionalism and expertise.