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Chapman Dental offers most everything in dentistry a person could need:

General family dentistry, for patients of all ages

Emergency dental care after hours or on weekends for patients of record – Just call us! (864) 509-6435

Dr Chapman is also skilled in performing procedures such as wisdom teeth extractions, root canals, periodontal therapy, restoring missing teeth with implants, and esthetic dentistry.

We won’t bounce you around to a bunch of different dental offices, we can take care of your needs right here.

Our ceramist fabricates everything by hand, using only the finest materials locally in upstate SC.

Orthodontics:  We can straighten teeth using clear trays designed by computer simulation.

Digital Radiographs:  We have a very sensitive x-ray sensor, which minimizes x-ray exposure to our patients when radiographs are taken.

Erbium Laser:  We have an Erbium laser, which allows Dr Chapman to do some fillings without the need for anesthetic.