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Joe F

08 Jun

Going to the dentist has never been something I have looked forward to. This is not because I am afraid of physically being at a dental office but rather a fear of the quality of work. My main concern is the work not being done right and having to go back for a repeat procedure costing more money and causing more discomfort. Because I wanted my dental work done right the first time I decided to take the three hour drive from where I live in Atlanta to see Dr. Chapman at Chapman Dental. My experience at Chapman Dental was none other than spectacular! Both Dr. Chapman and his very nice hygienist Ann were a pleasure to be around. They were both extremely courteous and professional. Ann took extra time to give me tips on how I can take better care of my teeth while Dr. Chapman thoroughly explained what procedures he had to perform and why. You can really tell he car es about his patients and certainly knows his stuff- and not just about teeth… cars too! I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Chapman to all of my family and friends!